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Protected: The Janus Sketchbook from Kunst & Papier

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


A Dog, Stabilo Tones, a Rant, and a Reminder

I ponder the lack of light, and cover other bases as mentioned in the post title.

The White Sale at Wet Paint

Journals are included in the White Sale is on at Wet Paint. Read this post for links to my past reviews of various commercially made journals.

Commercially Bound Journals

Updated September 13,  2020—I added the Strathmore Toned Mixed Media Journals and Stillman & Birn Toned sketchbooks. I also made an entry for Hahnemühle’s Travel Book/Journal. Updated December 5,  2017—additional problems with Fabriano Venezia (see note below) Updated November 21, 2016—to add new entry for Seawhite of Brighton Sketchbooks. Updated October 24, 2016—to add new […]


More Commercially Made Sketchbooks


Above: More commercially manufactured sketchbook/journals, I've not discussed on the blog before (with one exception). In the text below I discuss them by "letter-label." Click on the image to view the enlargement.

On a recent trip to Wet Paint (where I’m happy to report they have all three sizes of the Fabriano Venezia hardcovered journal if you enjoy working in that book) I picked up a couple more sketchbooks to test out. (I can’t help myself. I am aware that at some point I will not be able to bind my own books any more and I want to be prepared with alternatives—at least that’s what I always tell myself.)

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