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Linda Koutsky: MPR Interview about Her Jewelry

Above: A photo of the collapsed 35-W Bridge showing an area (circle in left photo) Linda focused on when creating necklace on the right. The necklace is sterling silver setting containing a disk of steel bar from the bridge. Images ©2008 Linda Koutsky. Linda Koutsky (see my initial post about her found objects art jewelry) […]


Happy 2009! (One Day Early)


Above: An "eraser" carving I made from one of my Daily Dot drawings, January 1, 2008, 4 x 6 inches on Folio paper.

I'm posting this on the last day of the 2008 because I want to share my New Year's Day Ritual with you, in the hope that you might be convinced to try it too.

A very wise artist friend told me years ago that she tried to do a little bit of everything she loved on New Year's Day. This set her intention for doing those things repeatedly throughout the year.


Fun with Wire

Right: Necklace made with shrink plastic (approx. 1.25 inches square), wire, and glass beads. The blue triangular beads are strung on 22 gauge wire with a size 0/6 seed bead on either side and ended off with a wrapped loop. The coiled wire is strung on 22 gauge wire with a silver bead at each end and finished with a wrapped loop. Click on the image for an enlargement.

There are lots of things you can do with your journal sketches. The most obvious thing you can do with your journal sketches is turn them into paintings, based on those sketches. Whether you want to use your sketches or paintings made from those sketches, you can turn your artwork into unique jewelry.

About a year ago I started printing some of my sketches and paintings on shrink plastic (I was using an Epson R800 at the time and working with white Grafix Ink Jet Shrink Film). I would cut the printed images and punch holes, before heat shrinking them into small disks that I could use in necklaces or on pins.

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