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A 4 x 7 inch watercolor painting on leftover book board that has been prepared with gesso.

Having Fun With Book Board Scraps

  In December I wrote, “Five Things To Do When You’ve Got Paper That’s Just Too Bad To Work With.”   In that post I wrote about gessoing over paper that you don’t enjoy working on so that you can still use the paper, but not feel limited by the paper in its manufactured state. […]


Tip: Add Some Gesso for Texture

Today is a new feature I’m working on—quick tips you can use to shake up your journal practice, or even devote weeks and weeks to developing into a new style. It depends on your taste and your interest. These will probably all be relatively simple. I encourage you to try them, and then set the […]


Painting Your Journal’s Covers and Other Types of Cover Decoration

See the full post for complete details and suggestions.

The Visual Journal Artist’s Guide to—Sealing, Encasing, Archival Materials, and the “500-Year Life Span”

Please see the full post for a discussion of the topic.


Another Look at Painting Your Stonehenge Journal Covers

See the full post for another experiment by Frank Bettendorf in altering the covers of his Stonehenge Journal. Following his experiment I’ve also included additional tips and tools the I use to alter book covers. It’s time to turn that journal cover into a unique personal statement.


Altering the Covers on Your Stonehenge Journal

Post contains tips on altering your journal’s cover.

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