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Journal Exchange Update from August—Lots of Toy Talk

See the full post for details.


More From the In-Studio Journal: Gert Wary!

Please see the full post for details.


Starting the New Year with Gert

The full post talks about Bogus paper.


Meet Hector—Gert’s New Friend

The full post introduces Hector.


Pentalic’s Aqua Journal: Landscape Format Watercolor Journal

The post contains a full review of this product.


Still Life Drawing with Life-like Toys

More essentials for the studio!


Stonehenge Paper: A Test

I retest Stonehenge paper for binding projects.

My Prized Possessions: Episode Two—Gert

A look at my current in-residence life model.


Slowing at the Finish


Above: a late night sketch of Gert my current "life model" (a rubber chicken hand puppet). The background rectangle is red Lukas Gouache, not a gouache brand I use for my final paintings, but something I tried a number of years ago and still have tubes of that I use up in my journals. Journal width doesn't quite fit on the scanner so the right and left edges are clipped off. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

I find myself in an unusual position. I'm creeping towards the end of a journal. Typically the closer I get to the end of a journal the faster I work. Hmmm. I thought I would mention this so that new journal keepers could be prepared for either eventuality.


Gigapan-tastic: Roz Gets Gigapanned and Take a Virtual Visit to Axman


Above: a "static" view inside the St. Paul Ax-Man store, ©2009 Tom Nelson. Use the link below to Nelson's gigapan site to view the full interactive image!

Yesterday photographer Tom Nelson came over and gigapanned part of my studio. If you wonder what type of environment I work in, what surrounds me when I talk to you on the phone, or what type of brushes and easel I use (the image is that detailed) you can now check it out at Tom's gigapan site. Getting directly to the views of my studio by following the first link, and then visiting the link below to a second view.


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