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Giant Thumbnail Sketches

Using your visual journal to make thumbnail sketches for paintings.


The Sullen Hen: This Time a Border

Above: As the text on the page says, a very sullen hen. Shown here because I wanted to make a comment about making borders on pages. Stabilo Tone over a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Sketch. 13 x 8 inches on Gutenberg paper. Note there is a vertical line near the gutter on the verso page. […]


More Background Text


Above: I was reading a book the other day and an artist was quoted as saying this. I decided it would make an interesting rubber-stamped text background in the current journal—which I made with Gutenberg, and the texture of the paper is visible when you click on the image to view an enlargement. (Scanner clipped the right edge off.)

The other day, as I mentioned in other posts, I pre-painted a lot of pages in my journal. Since I was still too sick to sketch it made sense to keep up with the productivity! The previous post on rubberstamped text backgrounds was so popular I wanted to share another one.

On this spread I used FW Acrylic inks again (they were already out), and started with a flat brush making strokes along the outside edges of the page spread with Indigo and Turquoise (which is sort of a cerulean blue). I let that dry and then added some full strength strokes of Flame Orange and also some splats of the same Orange—but they got a bit neutralized as I had some blue on the brush.


MCBA Visual Journal Collective September Meeting—Includes a Film!


Above: Background painting over a spread in my current visual journal. I wanted a visual for today's post and I wanted to share this background with you. I've been prepainting backgrounds on spreads throughout my new journal, which uses Gutenberg for the text paper. If you click on the image to view an enlargement you'll see the slighty nubby texture of this laid paper. I love the way the layers of acrylic ink take to this paper. Read at the end of the post about this background. Then go make some background pages in your own journal and come and join us on Monday!

Monday, September 21, from 7 to 9 p.m. is the next meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective.
This meeting is free and open to anyone who is interested in keeping visual journals, regardless of any skill level. (We meet the third Monday of each month, with no meetings in May and December.)

This month we will start our meeting with The 1000 Journals Documentary, by Andrea Kreuzhage. You can read about this interesting project here.

I'm sure this film will inspire and delight the Collective members and lead to a lively discussion. In addition, we will be sharing work from the recent Minnesota State Fair and exchanging books in the on-going Altered Book Journal Round Robin.

Join us to learn how other Twin Cities artists embrace a variety of methods and approaches in their visual journals.

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