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Profile: Karen Engelbretson and a Primer on Felting


These little birds are dry needle felted wool. Wool roving, to be exact, which is a state of wool between the sheep and a sweater (sheep > fleece > roving > yarn > sweater). They were made by Karen Engelbretson, a Twin Cities based graphic designer with varied interests in art and crafts. She makes cool stuff. I love it when people do that. Recently she has been needle felting. Her delightful needle felted creations will be available for sale at St Paul's Grand Hand Gallery handcrafted holidays event, beginning in November. Priced at $18-$20, I expect them to "just fly out of there" so I wanted to give you a heads up. (Karen is so busy building beautiful websites for clients she hasn't had time to update her own. If you want to contact Karen write to her at:

I asked Karen to say something about her process and she also provided a short primer on types of felting. Read Karen's words on felting:

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