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Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen—Returning to Tools You’ve Used Before

Left: First sketch using the Platinum Carbon Pen, after a long absence. I was sketching from an old photograph. This is my Shinola Sketchbook test book. Montana Marker background. Sometimes a tool doesn't work the way we would like. It might not feel right in your hand, you might not get the line quality or […]

OOPS! Correction to My Pen Post

Correction of an earlier post where I used an incorrect product name!

Choosing a Pen for Writing (and Sketching) in Your Visual Journal

In this post I take a look at the pens I use and which papers I use them on, and why.


The “Preppy Pen”



Left: The Preppy Pen shown with a Staedtler Pigment Liner for barrel size comparison.

I like to write with a fountain pen. When I was a student in Australia we were required to work with them; some sort of idea of penmanship improvement I guess. I spent my early teen years with ink-stained fingers.

I have several good pens given to me by my father—who always had a fountain pen stand on his home office desk. I don't use the expensive ones much any more because I'm always experimenting with inks and I would hate to lose one while sketching out in a field somewhere (especially since I no longer have a tracking dog to find it for me). I keep less expensive pens around for the experiments. Also, some of the more expensive pens don't fit my hand.

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