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I Always Find One Thing I Like in Every Sketch

Above: Finch sketch, see earlier stage later in this post. I was enlarging a study sketch made at the nursing home aviary weeks previously when I was getting out and about. Back in January when I was recovering from the flu with a nice bout of bronchitis I started a new Japanese Lined Journal. It […]


A Tip and Two (or Three Depending on How You Count) Conversations

See the full post for details.


Fun with Gifs and Some Recent Journal Sketches

See the full post for details.


The Masking Tape Finch Finally Finished

See the post for details on the final version of this page spread.


Masking Tape Finch Revisited

Thoughts on an evolving journal page.


Tapes Galore: Resistance is Futile

See the full post for a look at a masking tape collage and comments about this and another unusual product.


Stonehenge Paper: More Tests—A Deal Breaker

More experiments with this paper.


Sketching and Collage—just ’cause

Above: a page spread from my "weirdo journal" which I've been posting about the past few weeks. Read more about the sketching and collage below. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

If you viewed my short video of this journal when I was just starting it, you will have seen this page partially completed. Here's what happened in the building of this page:

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