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A Little Brush Pen Fun

Above: Pentel Brush Pen Sketch in a 9 x 12 inch journal I'm testing (full review to come; but really like how it loves the brush pen. If only the paper were slightly thicker it would be perfect, sigh). And a quotation by Kate Atkinson. I really love the brush pen. Particularly the Pentel Pocket Brush […]


Working in a Series or with a Theme

See the full post for details.


Three Days in Wisconsin

See the full post for details


My First Day of Not Posting!

That's right, I'm not posting today. It had to happen one day, after all that daily posting. It just wasn't happening on its own (as Jon pointed out the other day in a comment— "By the way you're still posting every day. Not that I'm complaining or anything."). I had to take matters in hand […]

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