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Minnesota State Fair Prep—#9: Don’t Make the Fair about Work


Above: a practice wild turkey sketch from my journal (there is a flock along the road where I ride my bike in the  mornings—10, silly adolescent birds; I sketched this on my return). The journal is one I made using old Folio paper, which is delightful to work on in any medium. The sketch is made with Stabilo Tones. I’m still seeking that softer look and experimenting. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

The other day a friend called me and said she probably wasn’t going to go to the Fair. Of course I gasped. She is also self-employed, and as is true for all self-employed people, she has to work when the work is there and when the work isn’t there she has to work at bringing the work in. But there is also a point where everyone has to have a life, and everyone has to find that point for themselves. (And I’m all about bossing my friends to that point of discovery.)


A Visit to Dodge Nature Center

I'm going to say something about the image above, but first an explanation: Monday a friend met me at Dodge Nature Center for a little tour. She's on the board and her children went to the preschool there, and she thought I should see the place. We were able to go into the barn and see the animals—normally you'd have to be on a tour. And of course we took a little time to sketch.

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