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Creative Expectations, Creative Execution, Creative Learning: Lauren Lim’s Instant Photo Documentary

In “Instant: A Short Documentary” Lauren Lim sets out to photograph people on the street, and give them the resultant photo.   In the process she learns about her own expectations, her own discomfort, and more about what photography means to her and the people she meets. My blog is full of posts on creativity and […]


I Love Hairdos—Isaac Mizrahi

Above: Warm up sketch while watching a documentary on Isaac Mizrahi and a 1990s fashion show. I seem to have forgotten to write in the time, which was basically 30-40 minutes before starting the next sketch. All the sketches happen fairly quickly, but then I take time to watch the show. All images in today's […]

Beauty Is Embarrassing: A Documentary about Wayne White

Above: The trailer for "Beauty is Embarrassing." Find the trailer on YouTube if this embedded version doesn't work.  Readers of my blog know I have a love-love relationship with my Roku. I stream videos from Amazon Prime (and get two-day free delivery on my book purchases). While adding titles to my watch list the other day […]


The Ghost Army—Sketching in Extreme Situations

See the full post for details.


All in this Tea: A Movie


Above: A journal sketch of mine made while watching the documentary listed in this post. I consider it practice if I ever get to visit China! How could I resist such a lovely rooster? Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (my old worn one), on Nideggen paper with gouache.

I want to go to China. I have been to Hong Kong and that’s a wonderful experience, but I want to go to China. I’ve been interviewing people who have gone there to teach English. If it weren’t for bird flu I’d probably have left already. OK, then there was my summer of biking, but you get the idea, if I were focused I’d be in China right now.

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