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A Little Bit of Spring from Noel B. Pugh and Cheong Ah Huwang

See the full post for details.


Tapes Galore: Resistance is Futile

See the full post for a look at a masking tape collage and comments about this and another unusual product.


Fluid Lines, Fluid Creativity


Above: Silhouettes cut from paper, ©Marcia McEachron, sculptor and painter. I collected these scraps and pasted them in my journal as a keepsake. Look at the fluidity of line. Enjoy the way the essence of each animal is captured with a simplicity and minimum of detail. Click on the image to see an enlargement. (Note that the text has been blurred for privacy.)

I do a lot of things in my visual journal: I draw, write, paint, make notes, put in a reference photo or two now and then. I also save things, things that are ephemeral and sure to go missing if I don't put them in my journal. Things that mean something to me and remind me about the amazing things I see and participate in during my daily life.


Notan-beauty in Daily Life


Left: Portrait of Emma, cut paper, ©1998. Using a sketch of my Alaskan Malamute bitch Emma I cut out pieces of Canson Mi Tientes paper in 3 values to construct her portrait.

Getting up from the computer yesterday after writing about notan, I started walking around the studio and house doing a variety of tasks. Suddenly it struck me there were prominent examples of notan everywhere I looked. This was because I had images I’d made of my two Alaskan Malamute bitches everywhere I looked. Most people who know me are familiar with my Daily Dots project (for what was to be the last five years of Dottie’s life I drew her daily). But before Dottie (and together with her for awhile) her Aunt Emma was the graphical beast in the house. While I never drew Emma daily she was a frequent subject of illustration.

I joke with my drawing students that if they want to have a dog for a life model a black and white Malamute is their best choice. Looking around at the art on my walls I realized that my statement is much more complex than I even intended. Beyond the ease with which one can locate points of reference on a stately and somewhat symmetrically marked Malamute there is the issue of notan-beauty. They embody it.

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