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More Great TV News: New Episodes of “Mock the Week”

If you’ve been playing the home game of “How Many UK Television Shows Does Roz Watch Anyway?” you’ll be pleased to know that one of my favorite shows has new episodes out in the US. (BritBox) “Mock the Week” is back in a covid manifestation with perspex partitions between the comics and a Zoom audience. […]


The Polls Are Open


Above, brass rubbing of names from the Brainerd, Minnesota World War II memorial.

The voting polls open today at 7 a.m.

vote. Voting is a gift from past generations. I have a lot of reasons
to vote today: I like the Constitution. I believe it is important to
hold our elected officials to high standards. I want clear heads,
thoughtful minds in charge. 


Profile: Ken Avidor


The above illustration is by Ken Avidor.

This post is the first in a series of profiles on creative people I admire. I hope their work will inspire you along your own creative path, regardless of how different that path might be.

Ken Avidor is a Minneapolis-based cartoonist, illustrator, and journal keeper extraordinaire. I met Ken and his also fabulously talented wife Roberta—more on her another day—when I was involved in the Minnesota Journal Project 2000.

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