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The Amercian Voter

Filmmaker Errol Morris is interested in elections and the American voter. My friend Karen is also interested in these things and she called my attention to People In the Middle on the New York Times Opinion Page/blog. I recommend that you check this piece out.

Morris writes: "There is a terrific Web site called The Living Room Candidate,
curated by David Schwartz of The Museum of the Moving Image. I would
urge anyone interested in political television commercials to visit it.
On the site, Schwartz advises us that there “are two types of ‘real
people’ spots: one shows the candidate directly interacting with one or
more people, in a situation that looks as candid and unrehearsed as
possible; and the other uses man-in-the-street testimonials in
documentary-style scenes of supposedly genuine off-the-cuff reactions.”
Recent campaigns have expanded the genre."

Steve Brodner and the Naked Campaign

Illustrator Steve Brodner’s work is hard for me to describe because I get lost in a chain of superlative descriptions each more outrageous (but true) than the last. Instead of going down that slippery slope I’m just letting one of his videos on the current political campaign speak to you. You can see the mesmerizing […]

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