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More Jewelry with Leftovers

090827BrowAgateJade Left: Necklace I made using leftover components. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

After making the button closure necklace the other day, I happened to look over at one of my tables where more items were waiting to be put away and saw a lovely little bit of tubular Ndebele or Herringbone stitch that was languishing away in a beading tray. It was 4 inches long and as I looked at it I thought it would make a wonderful base portion for another button closure necklace.

Then I saw an agate I'd already wrapped with a jade round for a dangle (sterling wire and a decorative round bead headpin). I thought it would be fun to put the two together because of the colors of the stones.

How to hang the pendant from the woven piece was easily solved. I hammered a piece of 20-gauge sterling silver, wrapped it around a paintbrush, putting a second paintbrush near the first to get the wider bend where the pendant would hang. Then I curled each end of the wire into a tight spiral with the tip of my round-nosed pliers.

I threaded the Ndebele scrap through the wire wrapped spiral "tube," twisting the ends of the wire to tighten around the beading and show off the decorative spirals. The idea was to tighten the wire slightly to keep it from moving too much on the Ndebele, without depressing or distorting the beadwork.

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