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Celebrating Six Months of Daily Posts: An IFJM Contest

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Today marks the sixth month of more than daily posting on this blog. This is my 210th post.

I started my blog October 9, 2008. In past months, on the ninth of a month I've held various contests for my blog readers and today I have another one. 

Note: this will also be the official last day of DAILY posting. I will still be posting frequently to my blog, but the plan is to scale back to make more time for painting. I have a couple upcoming art shows and other projects; cycling will start soon in earnest for me, and of course, it’s never too early to start prepping for the social and art event of the year: the Minnesota State Fair.

I will keep you posted on these activities, will continue with my various series (Journal Superstitions, Adventures in Bookbinding, Profile Friday, etc.) and will in general keep in touch. Just not on a daily basis. If you’re new to my blog, check out the past posts for information you might have missed. You can also read posts from me on the Official international Fake Journal Blog, from now through April, and a little beyond. (I imagine posting there will dwindle after that until March of 2010, when I start gearing up for IFJM in April 2010.)

So, the contest, here’s how it works:

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