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Colored Pencil Demo: Red Pepper—Part 2

This post continues the colored pencil demonstration on Wallis Paper begun in yesterday's post. A contour drawing has been made, washes of gouache (or watercolor) have been laid in and are dry. It’s time to start blending and building the color pencil layers.

Layering Colored Pencil on Wallis Paper

Colored pencil is a semi-transparent medium. This means that some of what is beneath each layer is going to show through in the final drawing. Colored pencil artists can use this quality to create vibrant color combinations which play on the layers of pencil and on the color of the paper (or underpainting if one is used).


Left: The completed pepper drawing with layers of colored pencil covering the gouache underpainting. Click on the image to see an enlargement.

When I’m working on a colored pencil drawing I keep a color swatch chart going at the edge of the paper or on a separate sheet, so I know which colors I used and in which order. That way I don’t have to guess at my blends if I am interrupted and return to a project after some time has elapsed.

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