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Changing It Up: When Your Drawings Aren’t Working—Part III

See the full post for details.


Changing It Up: When Your Drawings Aren’t Working—Part II

See the complete post for details.


Changing It Up: When Your Drawings Aren’t Working

See the post for complete details.


I’m a Sucker for Published Sketchbooks!—So Let’s Talk about That and Some Related Reading Matter

Books on botanical illustration and natural history painting.


Coming Back to Como after My Accident: Become Students of Your Own Process

I go to the zoo to try to reconnect with my brain.


Dog Practice—Four: Stonehenge Paper?

I make a decision on Paper and Media for Paws on Grand.


Draw Something—Even if a Meeting (or Anything) Interrupts Your Plans

I have fun sketching even though I don’t get to see a puppy.

Still Time to See Joyce Lyon’s Graphite Landscapes

Reminder to see the fabulous graphite landscapes of Joyce Lyon.


Keeping More than One Journal at a Time?


Above: practice sketch using Stabilo Tone (one of the gray pencils) in a Kunst & Papier soft-covered sketchbook. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Paws on Grand is this coming Sunday and I wanted to get in a little dog-drawing practice (since I don't have a live-in life model any longer). But I also was wondering what medium I would use and what paper. So I got out the Kunst & Papier soft-covered sketchbook I tested and reviewed in June (item D in the photo of that post).

It's a nice size page (8.25 x 11-5/8 inches). Since I have all that page space and have been writing about and using Stabilo Tones I got some of the gray ones out and started sketching dogs on "Dog Whisper." (Man I miss having a dog around the house!) I did 12 drawings in an hour and 20 minutes, with the drawings taking about 5 to 7 minutes each and some down time in between each sketch.

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