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Minnesota State Fair Prep—Part 1: The Heavy Equipment

StoolCase7221 Left: The REI folding tri-pod stool I bought for use at the Minnesota State Fair at the end of this month. The carrying case is lying next to it on the ground, but you can also carry it collapsed, with a handy-dandy carrying shoulder strap—no need to keep taking it out of the bag. Collapsed the stool is about 21 inches long. It weighs about a pound, but seems lighter!

The Minnesota State Fair is almost upon us. Everyone knows what that means: Corn Dogs! Oops, I mean SKETCHING ANIMALS for hours and hours and hours (and then eating a corn dog!)

It also means that it's time to start getting ready for the Fair. If you are a bookbinder, now's the time to bind that special journal (I prefer to work with journal cards so I just purchased my paper this weekend—more on this in another post). Maybe you need to work out what medium you'll be using and then lay in an appropriate supply of the same?

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