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To iPhone or Not To iPhone


Above: Tom holds his iPhone and shows how he marked the location of his favorite Cinnamon Bun stand at the Minnesota State Fair using one of the map apps available for this phone. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Something happened to the world that I knew in August. Almost everyone I knew went iPhone crazy—or so it seemed. A group of 4 other women with whom I correspond regularly as a group, started breaking out in iPhones like a rash. I admit it is awfully fun to get short videos of them out and about on their travels, but I wondered about all the chatter about apps. There seems to be an ap (or is that ap? I'd know if I had an iPhone) for everything. Frankly it amused me (and continues to amuse me no end) but it also seems dangerous. A lot of time seemed to be going into the selection and learning and application of these apps. These are all sensible, hard-working, highly productive women so I wasn't worried about them, but I did worry about what black hole I might get sucked into if I were to buy an iPhone.

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