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Portrait Friday: The Almost Normal World of Steve Frenkel

17 Arroyo Seco Left: 17 Arroyo Seco  ©2008 Steve Frenkel. Private Collection, 28 x 14 inches; acrylic on canvas.  An “art house” in the desert. Looks like it’s on its side, but that’s just how the owner wanted it to look. Sort of a “Cadillac Ranch” home. Diminutive denizens drive on the road, which in English is “Dry Arroyo.” The cacti in the foreground are all stage props.  Is that true of the others in the painting?  My guess is as good as yours. (Description supplied by the artist.) Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Mark Your Calendars:
There will be an artists reception on Thursday, June 4th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Catherine Kelleghan Gallery in Atlanta. New work from Steve Frenkel and also William Dunlap will be on view. There will be music and refreshments. Go and meet the artists and see the work in person.

About Artist Steve Frenkel and His Work
Why does my post title describe Steve Frenkel's world as "almost normal"? Well his paintings have that wonderful quality of realism and draftsmanship that I love, and the landscapes and cityscapes depicted seem normal enough, until you look closer. Then the eye of the viewer quickly finds something that is not quite right— floating houses, landlocked boats, airport runways to nowhere, birds who drive cars….What goes on here isn't whimsical (which has the danger of devolving into cute). There is something more engaging, entertaining, and intriguing going on—sometimes playful, sometimes a little dark—something that bears a little looking at.

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