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Piecemeal Style Portrait of Two Dogs

Today’s sketch is one of my favorites of my year so far. I made it using a Sktchy muse photo for inspiration and in the photos of my working process you’ll be able to see how I pull a photo up on my iPad and position the iPad to work, whether at a drawing table […]


What Do I Do To Unwind After Teaching?

Left: Sketch of a Mandrill (a species of Baboon found in Western Africa). 11 x 14 inch Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media hardcover journal. Background pre-painted with sepia and English Red acrylics. Sketched with Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Color: NeoColorII (wet and dry) and gouache (the white muzzle and other areas). The paper bent a […]

Strathmore 400 Series Mixed Media Paper

See the full post for details.


Three Days in Wisconsin

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Lightfastness Tests: Stabilo Tones and Caran d’Ache Neo Color II

This post contains my lightfastness charts and some comments.


Speaking of Stabilo: Stabilo Tones, Now Defunct or Are They?

071008RevMorePurpleCr Left: “Painting” of my favorite Australian Shepherd bitch Reveille, 4.5 x 7 inches, on Folio Antique White. (The muzzle and chest white in this image are the paper showing through.) Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Writing about Stabilo All yesterday made me think of another product of theirs that I love (and actually use quite a lot): Stabilo Tone. The sad thing is these watersoluble wax crayon pencils are no longer made—or have they been resurected.

The Stabilo Tone were (and are for me, because I still have a set of 50 and a set of 10) fat wood pencils filled with a wax crayon center that could be used like a watersoluble oil pastel, a dry waxy colored pencil, or even encaustic! I loved these pencils. I continue to use my stash, mostly for paintings. I find them a bit too messy for work in my journal: the opposite page will get some rub off.

I never did a lightfast test on this product either! I also didn’t have huge expectations, and used them only on personal pieces I wasn’t going to sell. But I do long for a product like this that is lightfast and artist quality, and STILL AVAILABLE.

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