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Sketching in Family Situations: Creating New Family Contracts

If you desire to sketch at family gatherings and visits but it seems impossible this post is for you. If you already have sketching integrated into your life I suggest you stop reading and go sketch. Recently a blog reader wrote the following to me I love your posts and your portraits! How do you […]


A Happy Lunch with the Honeywell Engineers

Above: The missing award, engraved to C.R. (Dick) Stone. Front and back composite. Sometimes things go missing from your home. It’s not always clear about how this happens. You don’t have to be elderly to have this happen. Some time ago C.R.’s Sweatt Award went missing. Five years ago an engineer who used to work at […]


Roz and C.R. Ride in an Ambulance

Above: Graphite sketch of C.R. in the hospital—on the new whiter, more absorbent (not that it mattered with graphite) Moleskine Sketchbook paper. Sketch in a 5.25 x 8.25" approx. Moleskine Sketchbook. Tuesday was a difficult day for C.R. We had a long trip to the ear doctor to have impacted wax removed and test his […]


Sketching Is the Best Choice 99% of the Time

See the full post for details.


Gift-giving: An Ethical Dilemma

My own gift-giving dilemma.

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