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Collage—Some Thoughts


Left: mixed media collage explained in today’s post. Journal 8 x 8 inches, handmade with 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

When I posted my bantam chicken with people one reader wrote in to say, “I've haven't had much success with collage (I never seem to be able to figure out what to put where), but I have accumulated lots of collage stuff over the years. This piece is inventive and fun. Maybe I'll sift through my stuff and give it another try.” 

I’m glad she’s going to give it another go, and I thought it would be a good idea to write a post with some resources for everyone in a similar position—ready to give it a second chance. Keep it fun and just go with your instincts.

To begin, we can of course ask ourselves "why collage in the first place?" But I think that’s a silly question. I think humans by nature acquire bits and pieces of stuff. If you are inclined to keep a visual journal those bits and pieces are going to make it into your journal, either as ephemera from your day, or as something wholly new, abstract or concrete, which has meaning for you, even if its meaning lies only in the fun you had playing with those materials.

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