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Do You Make Small Books?

See the post for full details.


A New Batch of Books, Part 2: Seven More

See the full post for details.


Painting Your Journal’s Covers and Other Types of Cover Decoration

See the full post for complete details and suggestions.

Bookcloth Scraps Giveaway Completed

Drawing for the package of bookcloth scraps completed.


Books, Books, Books: An Impromptu Batch

I clear up some projects, bind and impromptu batch of books and announce a bookcloth scraps give away.


Brocade Bookcloth


Above: part of the delightful brocade bookcloth display now showing at Wet Paint.

I went out today to pick up a birthday present for an artist friend. I decided to just wander in my favorite art supply store: Wet Paint. Those of you who aren't local will see we are spoilt indeed by this store. I walked past the front desk and over to the paper area and BAM eye exploding color.

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