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A Leisure Reading Suggestion


Above: Pigeon Study #3, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch with gouache on Nideggen paper. Another of my “Deconstructing the State Fair” series; and my third pigeon sketch last night.

It’s day three of a holiday weekend for many folks in the U.S. today. You might find yourselves needing something to do to work off some of the turkey’s tryptophan effects. I suggest you go over to Bonefolder and check out some past issues. This e-journal is a fabulous record of bookbinding as a craft, pleasure, pastime, and art. There are detailed articles on various book structures. Maybe you’ll want to capture your holiday adventures and make an artist’s book using one of the featured structures? Perhaps you’re wondering what form your next visual journal should take? It might be that movie reruns and Law and Order marathons* have put you in the mood to read about the history of binding or book conservation?

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