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Left: A 3-1/4 x 4-3/8 inch journal made with Gutenberg paper. This journal is perfect for putting in your pocket, ready for mixed media visual journaling (Gutenberg is great for wet and dry media). Read on to learn how to acquire this tiny gem made by Roz.

Today marks eight months of daily posting on my blog. I want to write about Ruskin today. Trouble is my memory isn’t want it used to be (steel trap to sieve). I remember mentioning Ruskin in another post. I look in my blog notebook topics list and see that he wasn’t a topic over the 272 posts I’ve done so far. But he was mentioned, I know it. I even remember someone writing in and saying she bought one of his books on my recommendation. Sigh, probably mentioned him in a post on books on art.

Still, I want to write about Ruskin and I don’t want to repeat myself. Sure would be nice if I had one of those little search gizmos that could search my posts. That’s where you come in. I’ve looked and looked and the only search widgets I’ve been able to find are ones which not only search my blog posts but ALSO the web. I don’t want that. People can search the web using Google, or whatever, whenever. But when they come to my blog I want them to be able to search just my blog, find out what I have to say about what they searched for, and then get going to their next destination. That’s it.

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