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Even More Jewelry with Leftovers

090827copperdangles Left: Another necklace made with left over components. This necklace celebrates asymmetry. Click on the image to view an enlargement. See yesterday's post for another leftover necklace.

I like to use wire coils in my wire-wrapped necklaces, but I always end up with leftover bits. Every so often these bits reach critical mass, demand to be put away, recycled, or used. Happily I love asymmetrical necklaces more than anything. They are fun to make because they evolve as you work. You follow idea to idea, rethink, and make things work by reporposing them.

When the State Fair is going on I often find myself exhausted when I get home, and that's the perfect time to spend the evening with some leftover necklace components to create a quick necklace.

This necklace uses copper half-hard jewelry wire. I hand wrapped the hook and eye clasp parts. The focal point at the front bottom of the necklace is a bit of coiled wire (24-gauge) that I strung on 18-gauge wire which I looped at each end. I then carefully bent the coil and interior wire into a very open V so that any dangles I placed on it would hang down, and not move back and forth and cause the necklace to slide around on my neck. (Balance is important with asymmetrical necklaces. If the two sides don't weigh the same the necklace will never hang correctly and easily—important if you have a focal point, and unimportant if the entire necklace is the focus).

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