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Family, Memory Loss, Design, and Fall Cycling

Above: Quick sketch of Phyllis sitting, Sensei Pen and Montana Acrylic Marker on Arches Text Wove (Velin) in a 7 x 5 inch handmade book. (Look over on the left and head and tail of the book so you can see the fun decorative paper I made with gold sparkles.) It has been a long […]


Sketching Sketchers

Above: A sketch of my friend Don Bajus while he is intent on sketching. Pen and watercolor on Arches Text Wove (Velin) in a handmade journal approx. 7 x 5 inches. I was sitting on the patio of a friend's home, after dinner, put to work by a friend to make more "sofa" sketches for […]


Some Ideas Get Lodged in Your Head: Working in Series—and On Being Dangerous

Above: A a warm-up page spread from a smallish, 5 x 7 inch journal I made with Arches Text Wove (Velin). I've been carrying this journal around because it is small and doesn't add to the bulk of what I usually have to carry. This week I'm sharing some pages from my journals that show a […]


My Fall 2013 Dog Project Is Still Moving Slowly Along

See the full post for details.

Making a Paper Sample Test Booklet (or a Simple Pamphlet Visual Journal)

See the full post for details.


A New Batch of Books, Part 3: The Final Four

See the post for complete details.


Dog Days—Part VI: Spatters Everywhere

See the full post for details.


One More Look at the Spatter-Dog Theme and a Little Bit about Waste

Above: The third "sketchy" and splattered dog. I continued using the same gouache colors and the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy Pen. This is also in my handmade Arches Text Wove/Velin Arches journal that is approx. 6 x 8 inches. (See the previous two days for the first and second post on this theme/series.) Working in […]


Themes and Serendipity

See the post for complete details.


New Birds at the Pet Store

See the full post to read details about this sketch and see close up images.

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