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Arches Text Laid—A Paper Review

Above: Pentel Brush Pen with pigmented ink, washes with their dye-based brush pen, color added with Montana Marker then sketched over with the pigmented ink brush pen. As promised on Monday, I'm writing a review of Arches Text Laid today. Well at least I would have if I had not already told you most of […]


A Look At New Pens From Derwent

Above: Sketch of Donald Sutherland using the Derwent Graphik Line Maker .3 in Sepia, in a handmade book (6.5 x 9 inches approx.) containing Arches Text Laid. You can see heavy ink lines from a different pen showing through this lightweight paper on the right-hand page. This is actually two reviews in one. I'm reviewing […]

Making a Paper Sample Test Booklet (or a Simple Pamphlet Visual Journal)

See the full post for details.


A New Batch of Books, Part 3: The Final Four

See the post for complete details.

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