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Quick Stop at Como Zoo

Above: Quick sketch of two ostriches on the verso page, then a more detailed head study on the recto page. One of the birds had wandered off to the edge of the paddock and we followed it. It was standing right at the fence peering over at the crowds so I was about 6 feet away […]


Another Great Vacation Location


Above: American Bison in the parking lot at Old Faithful! Click on the image to view an enlargement, then imagine millions of these in a herd, filling the vista as far as your eyes can see, moving, a large living organism, deafening. That's what it used to be like, before the U.S. Army carried out a mass extermination plan as part of their attack on the Native American tribes living in the Plains (who used these herds for food, clothing, and shelter). All photos in this post are ©2009 Nan Cochrane.

I'm catching up with all my friends after their summer adventures. Well Nan brought back photos from Yellowstone. I'm smitten. I've got to go there. I mean, anytime you can get this close to this large an animal without a fence, that's something to aim for. (And don't worry, I've read Tim Cahill's essay where he talks about the French Tourist and the Bison.)

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