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The 24-hour Comic Day in Minneapolis


Above: David Steinlicht and Zander Cannon work on their comics in the gallery space at MCBA. (David is doing a 24-page in 24 hours; Zander is doing a 12-page in 12 hours.) Click on the image to view an enlargement. It's only 7 p.m. on Saturday. Look closely at the Pictionary box. I have more to say about that!

On Saturday night a friend and I stopped in to see David Steinlicht at the 24 hour Comic Day being held at MCBA. (Be sure to check out the other links on David's site—to his own comics All Small and In This Corner, as well as other related sites of interest.)

To read more about this event and follow the updates see the 24-hour comic blog and scroll back to Oct. 2's first post to read events in order, see portraits of the comic artists at various hour milestones, etc. (You can also go to this post and then click on newer posts to read in chronological order. To read about the national event go here.
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