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More Wrapping with What’s on Hand

I write about using scraps and bits to wrap gifts on my blog.

Looking at Acrylics: A New Book

I’m prone to some of the oddest impulse buys. I’m not talking about the recent purchase at the Franklin Street Bakery of a “twinkette” (the cake of which was too dense, ditto the cream and chocolate covering, yeah, yeah, even the chocolate covering; but their croissant-dough cinnamon rolls were a little taste of near-Paris!), I’m talking about books. I can’t help myself when it comes to certain books, books on topics I think I should, or would someday need to know stuff about, which means basically everything.

Well the other day at Wet Paint I saw Rethinking Acrylic: Radical Solutions for Explaining the World’s most Versatile Medium, by Patti Brady, on the shelf across the counter and asked to see it. Once it was in my hands I just had to have it. (A friend alerted me to Brady's website after I mentioned my find. I still don't remember to look for these things!)

Now I'll just say, I rarely work in acrylics (see my bird-a-day project for an example of what I do with acrylics) but I do enjoy playing with it—they provide me a way of working loose. What I do is not, however, the extreme abstract type of work that is featured in much of this book. (I say “extreme” and give myself away as someone who loves representational art, and I will not apologize for this; but while it will be a long day coming before I turn to abstract work I do enjoy seeing what other folks are doing.)


Adventures in Bookbinding: Happy Accidents


Above: Two 7 x 5.25 inch books made Friday using Nideggen (for text paper) and decorative paper made by me, read more below. Click to see an enlargement.

I love making journals with Nideggen for my text paper because I love drawing on it. (Look at posts from the December 2008. Many of them have images sketched and painted on Nideggen because it was in my last journal of 2008.) However, the paper's tan color is a bit difficult to coordinate with fabric and decorative paper. This fabric makes it look too dull, or Nideggen makes the fabric look too dull, and so on.


Altered Book Round Robin Part II


This is part two in a series showing the prepping of my altered book for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Altered Book Round Robin.

In my first post on the altering of this book you may recall I mentioned that I didn't start with a full plan. I started playing with that Claybord rectangle and then made a recessed area for it in my cover. Then I started thinking about what I really wanted to do with my cover and how I could incorporate what I had already done. So I started doing some sketches in my journal. (Normally this would be my first step.)

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