Online Classes

Currently I will be offering only the on-demand, join-any-time classes listed below.

Scheduled classes are over for 2019.

Please check back in February of 2020 to see what the class schedule will be. Thank you for the interest in my online classes. 

Note: Registered students in the following class sessions will have access until at least December 31, 2021. (This represents a one-year extension for all current students. As long as I can support the platform with new registrations I will continue to extend access. I will notify past students on a yearly basis. New students registering in 2019 students will receive over 2 years of access (depending on when their course begins). Return to the classroom and rework the lessons during that time to build your skills. 

For information on how access may be extended please click on this link to read my information page.)

For additional information about my classes and how they are structured please read this page.

For answers to frequently asked questions about my classes please read this page.

On-Demand Classes—Join Any Time

By Design: The Intentional Page: Based on a 1-day in person work shop I created 15 years ago, this self-guided class includes over seven hours of video demonstrations and instruction packed with examples from my own work. This class will teach you a vocabulary for understanding the printed page as well as the hand-drawn page. Read more about it at the link provided. There are no required supplies for this class so there is no pre-class handout. The class is packed with topic handouts and resources. US$39.99  Here’s a little video about this class—just ignore the dates and access information.


Examples pamphlet books.

The Simple Pamphlet Book: Join this FREE, self-directed class at any time. In this class I walk you through the tearing and collating of paper, the cutting of a decorative paper cover, and the sewing of this structure. These are simple and quick books you can make regardless of your skill level. Work on paper you love in a size and format you desire! (There is no pre-class handout for this class. Since it is free you can join risk free and start making a shopping list based on what you want to make.)




Scheduled Classes (are now all closed for 2019)


2019-October-Sewn-On-The-Spine Journal—Registration closed October 11. Class begins on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The live portion of class runs through November 9, with me in class answering your questions. You will have access to the lessons at least through December 31, 2021. (See FAQ details.) US$99.00 (Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph.)

In this class you’ll learn how to create an elegant hard-covered art journal in which all the signatures are sewn to the spine, leaving a decorative sewing on the cover. The class provides complete instructions for making TWO VARIATIONS of this journal using different text papers (teaching you how to tear paper), using different cover treatments, and different stitches.

Project A is an almost square 8 inch, full cloth-covered case, with 4 signatures of Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. Watercolor paper, and a decorative zig-zag stitch on the cover.

Project B is portrait orientation, 8-1/8  x 9-11/16 inch book with a fabric covered spine and decorative paper covered boards. The book contains three signatures of Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media

Students are encouraged to make both projects during the month I’m in class. But by making either of the two class projects students will then be able to fully customize future versions of this style of journal to suit their working and design aesthetics.  

This book is ideal for beginning binders and binders with hand strength issues. This structure is particularly useful for visual journal keepers and book artists who like to work with dimensional additions to their page, heavy application of acrylic mediums, and collage. This book is particularly useful for artists who enjoy working with fold out pages. (How to create fold out pages is discussed in class.)


Textures—Backgrounds for Visual Journaling and Mixed Media: Will not be offered in November in 2019. I’m sorry for this unavoidable changed of schedule.


Currently there are no plans for classes during December. But please check back to find out when classes will be announced for 2020.

Online Classes for 2020

The schedule for classes for 2020 has not yet been set. Several classes will be offered throughout the year in a scheduled fashion, but without my active involvement. (You will still be able to write to me through the classroom with questions but I will no longer be in the classroom daily.)

Please check back at the end of 2019 for a schedule.

Students signing up for classes in 2020 will have access to their classroom until December 31, 2021. Depending on what time of year you sign up you will have 1 to 2 years of access. (This may be extended, see FAQs.)

Thanks for your interest in my online classes.

In-person Classes for 2020

Currently I do not have plans to teach any in-person classes in 2020. I’m still adjusting to the post-cataract surgery eyes. If things change and I decide to teach any in-person classes I will write about it in a blog post and include details here. 

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