Frequently Asked Questions for Roz Wound Up Classes

What Access Do I Get When I Register?

Roz at a recent Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out.

Students will always have at least one year of classroom access from the starting date of their class.

Originally I offered one-year of access. This switched to “lifetime” access in year two of business. However in 2018 things changed. 

What did “Lifetime access” mean for classes with Roz Wound Up? I wrote the following to explain that:

I want to make the materials available to you for as long as I possibly can. You have extended access to the classroom and videos so that you can review the material at any time after the class ends.

In the event that I ever decide to stop online teaching, you will be alerted immediately of the date when the platform will close.

UPDATE: Today, October 11, 2019, I am notifying students that I will keep the platform open at least through December 31, 2021. A one-year extension.

If sufficient funds come in during 2020 to fund the platform an additional year students will be notified of future extensions.

I will however continue to offer classes each year with “one-year” of access at registration. 

All past students will thus see an extension of their access each year I make enough money to support the platform.

In other words, new students signing up have at least one year of access, but their access and the access of all past students will be extended each year I earn platform costs from additional new registrations.

All students will have access as long as I can keep the platform running without additional loss. I will attempt to give all students a 6 to 12 month heads up as to final closure, but notice may be shorter than that. 

Students will always have at least one year of access from the start of their class (which is the first day of class, not the day they register).

Why are some of Roz Wound Up Classes less expensive than others?

Class prices are based on a number of factors. The length of a class and the time spent creating the classroom resources is the key factor. 

As of 2020 I will offer two types of classes:

A “scheduled” class is one that has a designated starting date and specified end date; during that time the entire class participates on the same schedule. I will not monitor these classes daily. However there will be some live involvement on my part in that I will check for questions and offer live webinars as listed in the details of each individual class description

Scheduled classes are important to my methods of teaching. I have found that when students don’t commit to a specific window of time in which to complete a class they procrastinate and tend not to finish. By setting time goals for students to go through the material I believe it helps the students to commit to learning, to set aside time for learning, and to enjoy the benefits of sharing posts with other students who are working in tandem with them. It also makes it more manageable for me as a teacher to follow their progress, manage my time to answer their questions, and to set dates to hold live webinars with students.

A “self-guided” class is one that students can register for and start at any time, working at their own pace. I monitor the class on a less frequent basis. After the first offering of the class I create an FAQ. I find this document answers most student questions, but every class includes a section where students with remaining questions can post a question for me.

In all three types of class students can post and interact with other students as long as the classroom platform is in operation.

By Design and The Simple Pamphlet Book are the only self-guided classes I currently offer. You can sign up for them at any time.

A “live” class is one in which I’m present in the classroom daily. None of these are currently scheduled for 2020.

Can I share my class membership with friends?

Your class fee is for your participation only. You are welcome to share your classroom link with individuals living in your household—your children, partner, resident in-law. However, because of the level of teacher feedback provided, only the registered student will be able to post work for teacher feedback.

Please do not share your link with people outside your household as it limits my ability to continue to offer quality online classes.

Which Web browsers and operating systems do I need in order to participate in Roz Wound Up Classes?

Browsers: Please use the latest version (or the one before that) of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or a modern mobile browser such as Mobile Safari.

Operating Systems: Please use the latest two versions of Windows or Mac.

Note: Roz Wound Up Classes are presented on the Ruzuku teaching platform, which allows me to offer features I feel enhance the classroom and learning experience, including live webinars (in some classes). To participate in Ruzuku video webinars, which use WebRTC technology, browsers functioning with operating systems that support WebRTC should be used. The iPhone and iPad iOS does not currently support WebRTC technology. You will not be able to watch webinars live on either the iPhone or iPad, but you will be able to view the recorded webinar on either of those devices. All classroom videos work on either of those devices.

Why do some of your classes have very specific materials lists?

My goal as a teacher is not only to teach a skill but to give you the background understanding that will allow you to explore your creativity independently once you’ve completed the class.

In bookbinding and techniques classes it is essential that everyone work with the same materials so that should you run into difficulties I can diagnose them online. I’m not able to look over your shoulder as I can during an in-person class.

The investment in the essential supplies allows the student to experience success, create reproducible results, and build creative momentum as their skills increase.

For classes with required materials I have carefully selected the minimum of materials needed to keep costs down. When possible I suggest substitutions.

What skill level do Roz Wound Up Classes aim at?

I have worked with students of all ages and skill levels in my in-person and online classes. For my online classes I ask that students are 18 years or older (some drawing classes deal with life drawing—the practice of sketching nudes).

If any prerequisite skills or knowledge are needed I specify that in the class description.

I have found that my classes appeal to students across the skill spectrum because I am clear, and thorough, in my instructions, and I provide a background context for the information I present. But at the same time I lay out ways in which the more advanced students can engage and push themselves. This ensures that the classroom materials will continue to have value to the students when they review those lectures, demonstrations, and materials at a later date.

My classroom is a supportive, positive, and challenging environment. I respect that you are spending your time and money to show up, and I will push you to grow.

What if I don’t live in the Central Time Zone?

Lessons post either as a block of lessons that opens when you register or on a schedule. You will be able to work on a lesson as soon as it posts—and any time thereafter.

The only instance your time zone location may matter is when I do a live webinar. There’s no possible way to find a time that works for everyone in all time zones. In classes where there are live webinars I tend to offer them on weekends (morning to midday) and weeknight evenings

Students who are unable attend the live broadcast have the option of sending questions to me before the scheduled start time.

Once the broadcast is completed the Ruzuku platform crunches the video. The video appears in the classroom within 2 to 24 hours after the end of the broadcast. The videos remain part of the class materials and can be reviewed at any time after that.


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