Classes: Drawing Practice—Drawing Live Subjects in Public

Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public begins April 29, 2018. 

In class you’ll see onsite demonstrations of me sketching live subjects.

REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 9: Clink on this link to go to the registration page after April 9. 

Tuition: $135.00

To see a video description of this class please see my blog post for Friday, June 19, 2015. (In 2018 new lessons post every Sunday and Wednesday.)

NEW IN 2018—Mentor Edition Drawing Live Subjects in Public. 

Click here if you would like to register for the. MENTOR EDITION of this class.

This is a live class which means it’s a teacher-involved class. Twice a week during a 30-day period a new lesson will open. Each lesson includes demonstrations and handouts and covers three or four days of homework. I actively participate in this class by answering student questions to keep you working.

New to 2018—Students interested in an additional level of teacher-student interaction can sign up for the Mentor Edition of this class. Mentor Edition students have access to all levels of the main classroom, including the live webinars. In addition Mentor Edition students will submit up to 10 homework images per week, via Dropbox. They will receive a video critique of each week’s homework for their files. 

For ALL students there is daily homework. If you are traveling during the duration of the class I recommend you wait and enroll at another time. This class is designed to immerse you in your drawing practice by giving you daily exercises that hone your drawing and observation skills and foster your daily drawing commitment with increasing practice times. Two days a week you also need to allow video viewing time before completing your homework. You will also need to make time for sketching in public two or more times a week. We will work from live subjects (with some work on still life subjects. We will not work from photographs).

There will also be a live webinar each Friday during the class.

You have lifetime access to the videos and can rewatch them and review class material at any time, but I encourage you to take advantage of the intensive nature of this class by participating during the 30-days of class.

Many students join a special Facebook group for students after the 30-day class ends.

I will respond to student questions even after the 30-day period of class during which I’m daily in the classroom. However, response time from me after the 30-day class period has ended will dependent on my other scheduled work.

Who would benefit from this class?

  • Anyone interested in improving his drawing and observational skills, regardless of current skill level.
  • Anyone interested in working with live subjects and sketching in public.
  • Anyone interested in creating a durable daily sketching practice.
  • Anyone interested in ways to build momentum in a sketching and journaling practice.
  • Anyone who needs strategies for dealing with his internal critic.
  • Anyone interested in developing a new vocabulary and dialog about his art practice.

There are no required supplies for this class. You can work with any sketch media you desire.

However, I will be demonstrating with certain media, and I also recommend what I think are essential materials for the best results or for quicker skill acquisition.

You can download a printable PDF of the Suggested Supply List for this class by “clicking on the Download link.”

Drawing Practice Supply List Click on this link to download the PDF supply list.

A supply kit is available through Wet Paint. The link to that kit appears on the registration page. I  arrange kits as a convenience to the students and I do not receive any financial consideration if you purchase supplies from Wet Paint.

Why Offer a Mentor Edition of This Class?

In the past several years of offering this class I have found that some students want more feedback beyond the answering of their questions. To allow for that created a limited number of spots for students in the Mentor Edition of the class. I will be able to work specifically with their examples and help them to set new goals and target their work for the quickest improvement. Any skill level is eligible for Mentor Edition, since the instruction provided in the videos will be focused on what emerges from the student’s homework. We will also look at their goals during their final homework assignment so that they can better continue their class momentum. Click here to register for the Mentor Edition of this class.

If you have additional questions about online classes with me please see this FAQ.




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