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Unabashedly Bookish—It’s a Luau and a Benefit!

See the post for full details.


Printing with the Photocopier: Making an Artist’s Book—An Upcoming Class

See the post for complete details.


Themes and Serendipity

See the post for complete details.


Break it Down into Simple Steps: Thinking about Setting Up a “Production Line” for Your Art “Edition” Project

View the complete post for details.


Snow Pile Revisited

View the full post for details.


Making a Case for Your Journal Zine Swap Collection

See the full post for details.


Report on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s March 2011 Meeting—Journal Zine Swap and a Special Surprise from Stillman & Birn

Above: Some of the participants in the Journal Zine Swap hold up their journal cases. On Monday, March 21, twenty six Collective members and visitors (one all the way from Montana) met to swap journal zines and make a journal zine case. The final total for participants was 17. Each particpant brought her own coverstock […]

MCBA Visual Journal Collective Journal Zine Swap Supplies Reminder for Monday, March 21

Please see the full post for details on supplies to bring.


Content for Your Journal Zine

The full post outlines the approach taken to create a Journal Zine for the swap and includes a call for an mail-in swap.

Making a Single-sheet, Eight-page Journal Zine—Fold, Punch, Sew, and Trim

Video and instructions in the full post for finishing a journal zine.

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