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Winning Gracefully? I’ve Got a Lot to Learn, and a Movie Recommendation

Left: Morgan Freeman as "the Boss" in Lucky Number Slevin. This 2006 movie also starring Joss Hartnett, Bruce Willis and Ben Kingsley is just as fun to watch again when you know all the twists. I can't say more or I'd have to add spoiler alert to this post. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on Fabriano ecological […]


A Movie Marathon—Or What To Do When You Have the Flu—OR There’s Only So Much Chicken Soup You Can Eat

Above: Self-portrait made while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I used a Pentel ColorBrush with black, dye-based, watersoluble, fugitive ink. It's in my 8 x 10 inch Hand•Book journal which I will have much more to say later because It's my last journal of the year and I've been testing it and the […]

OK Go Video with an Interactive Feature

Above: "I Won't Let You Down" Video from OK Go. If it doesn't show up see it here on YouTube. But be sure to go to the website link as well, because once there, if you click on "pre-visualization" at the bottom of the window, you'll get to make you're own little movement show. I've […]


The Ghost Army—Sketching in Extreme Situations

See the full post for details.

What I Do for Fun: Life Drawing at Home

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Wrapping up the Not-So-Blank-Page Journal Project

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Update on the Not-So-Blank-Page Journal Project of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

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Ayam Serama Chickens—A New Book, and a Short Video

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Some Short Films from J.C. Myers

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Go Ahead and Fail Today

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