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9 x 12 inch Kilimanjaro Watercolor paper journal page. Brush pen and watercolor. The turkey was a yard visitor, the quotation was from a movie I was watching that night. Do they mean anything together? No, but I wanted to get the quotation down as I watched the movie. I knew I wanted to laugh and think about it some more. And I have.

Journaling Superstition #20: Your Text and Your Image Need to “Make Sense” Together

Students tell me all the time, “I can’t write in my journal, I don’t have anything profound to say.” Or they worry, “I don’t want to write on my pages because my handwriting is so bad.” Or they fret that, “What I’m thinking about right now and want to write about doesn’t have anything to […]


Moleskine Myths: They Open Flat?

Above: A quick sketch of Dick sitting on the TV room couch next to a bright light. I worked in a new Moleskine with the whiter, more absorbent paper. Look at the gutter area and the offset that prevented me from working across the page. Click on the image to view an enlargement. There’s flat […]


Some Thoughts on Journaling Superstitions and the Real Reason I Journal

Left: Quick sketch of a character actor in my Japanese Lined Paper Journal. I turned the journal on its side so the spine ran horizontally and worked across the gutter. I never really know how off I'm going to be on these until I scan them, because until that moment I don't really see it […]


2014 Hiatus Post: Keeping a Clean Palette

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Revisiting a Journal Superstition: Working on One Page at a Time

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Journaling Superstitions #19: You Can’t Journal Without Your Journal

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Journaling Superstitions #18: You Can’t Cover Up Work You Aren’t Happy With

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Journaling Superstitions #17: You Can’t Turn Your Visual Journal on Its Side

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Journaling Superstitions #16: You May Only Use Archival Materials in Your Visual Journal

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Speaking of Mistakes…

This post continues yesterday’s discussion of mistakes.

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