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Getting Ready for Sketching at the Minnesota State Fair—Gear and a Bag

Left: Here's a little blast from the past, a Guinea Fowl sketch I made at the 2009 MN State Fair. I'd taken a limited range of watersoluble color pencils. I mostly used them dry as in this example. I worked on 8 x 10 inch journal cards made of 300 lb. Fabriano Artistico, Hot Press […]


Clearing Things Away

Left: 12 x 18 inch loose sheet journal sketch on drawing paper which buckled (hence the shadows in the scan). Sepia Pentel ColorBrush (watersoluble, dye-based ink), black Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (waterproof pigment ink), and watercolor pencil (blue), diluted with 2-inch flat (wide, and on edge). I've been spending some time trying to clear things […]


A Fun Afternoon with the Chickens

Left: Second page of gesture sketches on the day. On moist Hahnemühle Nostalgie paper (about 9 x 11 inches). All the images in today's post are in order of execution, but because of "repetitiveness" I didn't scan the first page and pages 4 through 8, which were all more gesture sketches. I did so many […]


More than a Peek Into My 2014 Fake Journal

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Thoughts on Selecting a Palette of Pigments

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Interesting Faces and More Yellow Paper, and Watching People Make Stuff

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Nothing Cheers Me Up Like a Great Pair of Ears

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What’s Up With All That Yellow Paper on Roz’s Blog Lately?

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Don’t Knock Your Head Against the Wall—Try Something New

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Drawing Richard—Some Hiccups But Keep Going

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