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Happy New Year—Use the Small Moments for Sketching

Left: First pepper sketch in a quick 3-part series done one morning in December while I was recovering from the flu. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in an 8 x 10 inch Hand•Book. A quick 3-minute gesture sketch of the pepper I was going to cook for my breakfast. My first New Year’s Day while writing […]

Remembrance Day: Thoughts in 2014

Above: Video about Shell Shock which emerged during the First World War. If the video doesn't play go to this YouTube link. (And from there you can also see the links to the other three parts.) I spend Remembrance Day in quiet contemplation with the phone off. I think that my November 11, 2010 post […]


Binge-TV-Viewing, Roku, and Cycling through the Winter

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No Rubbishy Drawings OR Showing Up To Do Your Work

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Put Out Fresh Paint, or Don’t—Just Have Some Fun

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Red Bird Week: Fifth

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Red Bird Week: Fourth

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Red Bird Week: Third

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Remembrance Day 2013

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What I Have To Say About Drawing

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