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Protected: Projects versus Series?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Away from the Computer: Adventures with Toad

Above: Toad sitting on boxes, with more boxes behind, and a peek into the studio. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on defunct printmaking paper in handmade book. First, don't ask me why Toad has never received a name. Some things aren't understandable, like the lack of gravitational effect on Donald Trump's hair. Wednesday I spent 2 […]


How Does Roz Write A Love Letter? Part 2

Above: The love letter I wrote for the "Love Letters from Artists" show listed below. Stonehenge gray paper, with rubber stamped text and gouache sketches—though my Sean Connery sketch is one I had turned into a custom rubber stamp years ago. I have it in a bunch of sizes. You can't have too many Sean […]


There Couldn’t Be A Better Time To Be An Artist—A Week-Long Celebration Part 2

Above: I'm watching a competition show on Spike where they make furniture every week: "Framework." Yes people run around the shop and work way too fast with power tools—the kind that can cut off your fingers or hands. It's an accident waiting to happen and I wish they had longer deadlines, but one of the […]

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