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Looking at Noodler’s Polar Brown


Left: A quick sketch of Gert (my rubber chicken puppet) using Noodler's Polar Brown Ink (notice that I wrote "Polar Bear Brown" on this page because my label was already obscured and I wasn't sure of the title; read more about this below). This is on the last page of my current, until this page early this morning, journal, which I made with Nideggen paper. I filled a Niji waterbrush with the ink and sketched with that. Click on the image to view an enlargement. Read on for more details

I'm still on the fence about Noodler's. Dick has used it for years in his fountain pens. He carries several pens with different colors to take notes and draw diagrams in his work journals which detail all the "science" stuff he's doing. He's been happy with it.

When I try it I have been less happy. It doesn't flow the way I want it to flow, or it isn't waterproof on the paper I'm using it on (a problem of the paper's sizing I'm guessing because the inks I've tried are advertised as waterproof on cellulose).

But I'm always looking at inks and yesterday I noticed that Wet Paint now had a whole shelf of Noodler's inks in a range of yummy colors. The inks don't all have the same characteristics (as to lightfastness and water resistance) so you have to choose carefully for your intended purpose.


Fading in the Fast Lane: Art Kure Brush Pens

Left: Lightfast test swatches made of three Art Kure Brush Pens: Delft Blue, Blue, and Brown. I no longer have the pens so I don't know the exact name of the dark blue and brown. I labeled the Delft Blue strokes with DB everywhere as I wanted to be sure to know after the fading test which blue was which. Click to view an enlargement.

Friends and students know I love to use the Pentel Color Brush even though it isn't lightfast. You can read my comments about that brush pen in my January 15, 2009 post which also contains links to artwork made with it.

Well a couple years ago when I first saw the Art-Kure Brush Pen in a supply catalog I thought, since they referred to it as a "watercolor system," that it might actually be an archival tool…

THESE PENS ARE NOT LIGHTFAST as you can see from the lightfast test. Don't be lured in by their snazzy nomenclature in the promotional copy. This is not a "watercolor" tool or "fine art" tool. This tool produces fugitive results. You need to be aware of that to make a choice about whether you use it.


Four More Brush Pens to Consider


Above: Apologies for the glare filled photo but the light would not cooperate today! These brush pens are from the top— A) Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen – Gray Ink (KURETAKE LS5-10) = $3.15; B) Pilot Brown Barrel Brush Pen – Hair Brush (PILOT SN-30FM-B) = $4.50; C) Kuretake No. 30 Double Sided Brush Pen – Hard & Hair Brush (KURETAKE DY151-30B) = $7.50; and D) Zebra Disposable Brush Sign Pen – Fine (ZEBRA WF1) = $2.25 (Click on the image to see an enlargement.)

I'm perfectly happy with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, but I do like to know what is out there, so recently I ordered a few pens, not available locally, through JetPens. In the photo caption above I have copied the name as it appears on my invoice so that you will have ordering and price information.

Fixing Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pens!

I just got a note from Roxane in the MCBA Visual Journal Collective alerting me to this video "Sharpen your Pitt Pen." (If the embedded video doesn't work, click on the video title for a link.) In this video the speaker shows how to take a worn fiber tip from the Faber Castell Pitt Artist […]

Pierre Tardif, his website

Just a little housekeeping before I leave the sign painting/hand lettering theme I've been looking at.People interested in finding out more about Pierre Tardif, the hand lettering master I've posted about, should check out his website. Typically I would have remembered to include a link in the main posts but I was just caught up […]

One More Venture into Brush Lettering

The last embedded video seemed to work. It did list all the related videos (when I try to omit that things don't work, sigh). But before I leave these amazing videos by Pierre Tardif you need to look at this one: Hand Lettering is Fun! (link provided in case the video doesn't get embedded). In […]

Brush Lettering

I'm going to try this again. I am having trouble embedding videos. I got something to work a moment ago, but the video was at the end of my post (I like visuals at the top of a post) and there was a typo that I wasn't able to correct when I went into the […]

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