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Family, Memory Loss, Design, and Fall Cycling

Above: Quick sketch of Phyllis sitting, Sensei Pen and Montana Acrylic Marker on Arches Text Wove (Velin) in a 7 x 5 inch handmade book. (Look over on the left and head and tail of the book so you can see the fun decorative paper I made with gold sparkles.) It has been a long […]


Daily Practice for the Mind and the Body: Staying in the Game

Above: Aviary residents sketched with a hard solid felt tipped brush point “calligraphy” pen from Tomboy. I stopped on this day between visit with Phyl and CR, to take a mental break and refresh myself, and simply move the pen across the paper (Seawhite journal) and see how amenable the tip is to the quick […]


End of Year Wrap Up—How Things Went in 2014

Above: Page spred from my 7.75 x 9.75 inch Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper soft-covered journal. A direct brush portrait of Dick using a regular watercolor brush and Daniel Smith watercolors. I thought when better to show some more sketches of Dick than in an end of year wrap up when one of my […]


Wasps Kept Me From Finishing My Video!

Above: page spread from an 8.5 x 11 inch (or so) hardbound Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Journal. I think the message on the verso page says it all. We were already 2 weeks into the wasp invasion. On Thursday, September 18 the exterminator came for the fourth time and he and Dick found another […]


Spring, in a Flash: A 2014 Hiatus Post

See the full post for details.


Bicycling: Some Thoughts

See the full post for details.


Binge-TV-Viewing, Roku, and Cycling through the Winter

See the full post for details.


Snow Piles 2014

See the full post for details.

A Few More Thoughts on Cycling

See the full post for details.

Exercise and Journaling (or Creativity for that Matter): Setting a Goal for Change in 2014

This summer, after a print-making demonstration, a young woman approached me with a question. "Can you say something about how important exercise is, or its impact on creativity…" she stumbled in the forming of the question. "You said, it was in Ricë Freeman-Zachery's Creative Time and Space." Frankly I don't remember what all I talked […]

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