More Thoughts From Chekov

July 8, 2024

Brush pen and ink wash in a lined non-art paper notebook. Sketching while watching “Top Chef.” And thinking as I move through my day.

    • Georgy
    • July 8, 2024

    This Is – and You Are – Brilliant!
    Thank You So Much for keeping me company along the way.

    • Sharon+Nolfi
    • July 8, 2024

    Did you write the text the same day as you made the sketch? I’m curious about your thought process that linked your sketch to Chekhov.

    1. Reply

      That’s a great question and in a year I probably won’t remember this page’s sequence because it was abnormal; I’ll just remember the soup of thought and drawing (and TV viewing) I was involved in at the time.

      Ninety-eight percent of the time I sketch, sketch sketch, and then I write down whatever catches my interest during the day. Typically things have no relationship to the drawing because I’m mostly sketching from TV, or sketching my vegetables because I’m not able to go out and about yet.

      This one is a bit different. I did the previous RWU post’s sketch the day before, ended the page, didn’t think anything would be written there. Then I started reading about some writers and the one featured on this page spread today, so I wrote her quote down about Chekov down on the next page (it was long and I wanted to save it all). I essentially left a blank page either to sketch on or write more from my research.

      Then I continued going down the rabbit hole of discovering the Chekov thoughts and quotes including the actual quote he was being quoted on. And I’ve been thinking a lot about competition shows. So I wrote the one quote on the previous spread because I thought it fit. (I was going to write a blog post about competition shows, but time is short right now, and yet thinking is very fast these days. Also there is my no-explanations mode, which obviously I’m breaking right now.But in general I’m not even explaining to myself!)

      Then I drew the sketch on the spread I posted today that next night. I went back to researching Chekov stuff. And before I went to bed I wrote the quote at the bottom of the page around the chef’s elbow in the empty space between the quote above and my drawing notes. That’s all a lot more back and forth than normal. But it was also a lot more research and I didn’t want to loose stuff.

      Here’s a journal page from an earlier journal and that text explains more about the process.

      After cataract surgery I started working aggressively in a series of lined notebooks with lots of stuff crammed on a page. Partly this was because I was drawing as much as possible because I faced so many problems with my eyes and wanted to save my drawing practice, and part of it was a nostalgia trip back to non-art paper journals of my youth. (Which I think I discussed in a Patreon video.)

      What I find interesting to me about these types of journals is that after a week, or a month, if I go back and scan them, or if I’m indexing them, all the connections that were going through my mind become very obvious to me in a synchronistic way. And I love that. It also elevates the indexing process (which is short, but necessary to me) to something fun and ripe with epiphanies. So I think all of it is part of my journaling process—meaningless to anyone else, but downright thrilling to me.

      In short, I think of all this as a sort of visual and verbal collage that I’m constantly engaged in.

    • Dana
    • July 9, 2024

    Wonderful dimensionality Roz! The head position and the breadth of his shoulders compared to the narrowness of his waist, yes! I can see him bending over his work station intent on his prep.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Dana, I became fascinated by the bending of the chefs as they prepped. Lots of exaggeration still, because I can’t help myself. I think there are some more posts in the queue for later.

    • Harriet Braun
    • July 10, 2024

    That kind of pose is a kick ass. You did it! I’m going to have to study how you did it. Nice to hear from you.

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