In Context: Things that Filter Through

June 18, 2024

Not a mistake, the page spread is the post for today. Click on the image and it will enlarge for easy reading. 

    • Janet
    • June 19, 2024

    Love the drawing! That “will blow up” sounded faintly alarming – perhaps because I had just been reading a history of modern Ireland ?

    Btw, new series of Brokenwood has just opened here, with a movie-length episode. Don’t know how long the streaming services take to buy such niche content, though.

    1. Reply

      I just looked at that and the word choice wasn’t really descriptive of what’s going to happen so I’ll change that, thanks for the heads up.

      As to Brokenwood, we already have the new season and ours comes in 90 minute episodes (so I guess they are putting smaller episodes together). So far the usual unusual fun. I’m loving it.

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