Frank Buffalo Hyde

May 17, 2024

A couple months ago I ran across a painting competition show “Exhibit: Finding the Next Great Artist.”

Like all these creative competition shows it has some good points and some negatives.

In general I enjoy these shows because I love process and I love watching people create stuff.

One thing I really liked about this show was all the contestants remained working on the show through all the challenges until the end. This allowed us to see more work, and understand each artist’s working method better.

The other thing I enjoyed about the show was that it introduced me to the work of Frank Buffalo Hyde. (There is a short video on the opening page of his website in which he talks about his work.)

And the thing I loved about the show was watching Buffalo Hyde respond to each challenge with a mature, thoughtful approach which came from a deep understanding of himself, his experiences, and his craft. 

(OK, he’s fun to sketch too!)

I recommend you find this show and watch it just to see Buffalo Hyde work. Yes, you’ll have to put up with a little bit of whining and whinging from the younger artists, and some confused comments by the judges, but it will be worth it.


    • Sharon+Nolfi
    • May 17, 2024

    Thanks for bringing this artist to my attention. I watched the video on his website and enjoyed his thoughts and his art very much. The Exhibit video is behind a paywall.

    1. Reply

      Sharon, I know that everyone will have to search for the show on any streaming systems they use, and that availability will vary around the country and the world. That’s why I listed Buffalo Hyde’s website video, so people could see that. I saw the show on Paramount Plus and if you’re in the US and get that you could too. If you don’t get that streaming service, you’ll have to search for other ways to view it. (It’s an MTV show.) Or you can buy the season on Amazon. If you don’t in general enjoy reality shows about people making stuff then I don’t think that would be a good expense. (If you decide to get Paramount Plus there are some really good shows you could watch in addition to it, like “The Good Fight,” and “Elsbeth” (a spinoff of TGF), all of CBS and some Discovery Shows and Food Network stuff; but even some of that may vary because you live in a different part of the country.)

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