In Context: Sketching to Work Something Out

March 27, 2024

The other day I sketched this white Chihuahua. 

I went in too dar with the ink to start, and at one point before much was down, I made a small circle at the top right to start again, but then I thought, “Just look at the hair.”

And I went back to the main sketch and put down more ink and drew the clusters of hair, and indicated all the shadow areas. 

Is it a great drawing? Nope. But it has likeness and it contains all I need—it’s all worked out. 

Now I could make a painting from this sketch, with only the information in the sketch.

We learn things more than one way. We can make finished paintings which is always a great thing to do. But we can also make detailed sketches which record our observations.

Most days I think the latter is more valuable; even if you end up sketching a white dog with a whole lot of black ink.

Work something out today in your sketchbook.

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