Still Not a Waste

February 7, 2024

To continue my thoughts from Monday’s post I just had to share this page spread from one of my journals.

Typically in this type of book (a commercially bound, lined journal bought in a bookshop and made for notes not illustration) I’m pushing the boundaries of what I can get away with using my usual materials on non-art paper. But one thing is essential, ALL books I select must play well with my favorite Pentel brush pen (pigmented ink).

And then, if the pages don’t get as “built-up” as they typically do in these sorts of books I still have the enjoyment of every stroke of the pen. Whether I’m sketching a pear, or writing a sentence fragment. (Here’s an example of how these pages typically turn out.)

Choose your journals for how you like to work, so you can be your most productive self. 

Check in frequently with yourself to see that you are working with intention and meeting your goals.

If you aren’t doing one or both of those things, start asking why—and try some new approaches.

This is what the process of finding your practice looks like: a reflection of your full creative self.

And don’t worry if you’re someone who does neat and tidy pages—embrace that discovery about yourself.

Your journal is going to look different from anyone else’s because it’s your response to life. 

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