What I Did in the Pandemic: Pepper Sketches Of Course!

January 10, 2024



I’ve been trying to get my digital files organized, and I came across this post from 2020 during the pandemic.

I don’t know why I had this large landscape book, and Akademie Watercolor Journal from Hahnemühle.  This is their student line of paper. The book is nicely bound, the paper is OK, but not a favorite. I don’t like their cotton watercolor paper journal either. Sigh.

But for some reason I had this book which is about 8 x 11 inches so 16 or so inches when open. And I probably didn’t want to go to the art supply store because we were still in the pandemic.

It’s nostalgic to look at the page now and read about cycling. I’ve only been benched for four months and I already think of 2020 as the golden days of making a comeback from various ankle injuries!

Times change.

Draw your breakfast before you cook it this morning—it will be more satisfying to eat the breakfast hot afterwards.

(Just one more quick note. The peppers are quite large when you see the book in life. And that granulation of the blue paint in the red pepper is mighty yummy! So here’s a detail of that portion of the page spread. Have some fun with your paints.)

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